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Saidai Duraiswamy manidha neyam entrance exam 2011 answers key – Questions 51-100

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1. Namdapha wildlife sanctuary is in
a) Arunachal Pradesh     b) Jharkhand     c) Madhya Pradesh    d) Uttar Pradesh
2. Pincode was introduced in
a) 1962      b) 1972     c) 1982        d) 1976
3. Which part of human body is not affected by cancer
a) Eye      b) Heart     c) Lungs      d) Brain
4. World’s hottest place
a) Alzeria   b) Azizyah   c) Jalta      d) Assal
5. Which bank introduced Credit card in India
a) ICICI      b) SBI        c) Indian Bank       d) Central Bank of India

6. Total number of brain bones in human being is
a) 12        b) 31        c) 20    d) 22
7. Former CM of Andhra Mr. YSR died on
a) Mar 9, 2009      b) Sep 2, 2009      c) Aug 2, 2009       d) Oct 2, 2009
8. Arjuna Award for sports was introduced on
a) 1961      b) 1965   c) 1970      d) 1963
9. Length of road network in Tamil Nadu
a) 1,90,910 Km        b) 1,92,915 km      c) 1,93,918 km      d) None
10. Match the following
               List I                                                                                 List II
  • a. Indian Lac Research Institute                                               1. Chennai
  • b. Central Marine Research Institute                                         2. Ranchi
  • c. Glass & Ceramic Research Institute                                     3. Nagpur
  • d. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute           4. Delhi
              A     B    C      D
a)           1      2     3      4
b)           4      3     1      2
c)           3      1     4      2     
d)           3      1     2      4 
11. A boy was asked to multiply a certain number by 53. By mistake he multiplied it by 35. If his answer was less than correct one by 1206, then the number is
a) 65       b) 67     c) 68      d) 70
12. Find the sum of the following 17+19+21+………… to 30 terms
a) 3017       b)1380     c)1300     d) 3000
13. A shopkeeper sells 10 toffees for a rupee, gaining 20%. How many did he buy for a rupee?
a) 11         b) 12        c) 15          d) 13
14. Geometric mean
a) clip_image002         b) clip_image002[6]        c) clip_image002[8]         d) clip_image002[10]
15. If a=bx, b=cy and c=az then xyz =
a) 1        b) 0         c) –1          d) None of these
16. The first indian who got Hoover Prize
a) Indira Gandhi     b) Rajiv Gandhi     c) Abdul Kalam       d) Ratan Tata
17. 2010 Presidential Election at SriLanka, Rajapakse wins second time, he belongs to
a) People’s Alliance   b) United National Party      c) United People’s freedom Alliance    d) Independent
18. The author of book “The Future of India” is
a) Bimal Jalan    b) Deepak chopra      c) Anurag Mathur      d) Amitav Ghosh
19. Who is the author of “Termites in the trading system”
a) M. Chelapathi Rao    b) M.S.Swaminathan     c) Jagdish Bhagwati     d) Jaswant Singh
20. The forgotten empire written by Robert Swell is about which empire?
a) Kushan Empire      b) Mauryan Empire    c) Vijayanagar Empire      d) Mughal Empire
21. Which is the deepest point in the ocean floor
a) Challenger Deep     b) Milwaukee Deep      c) Java Trench     d) Phlillipines Trench
22. Which is responsible for ‘blue baby syndrome’
a) Fluoride      b) Nitrate    c) Arsenic     d) Lead
23. Defense minister during the indo-chinese war?
a) R.N.Thapar      b) Jagjivan Ram     c) V.K.Krishna Menon     d) Govind Ballabh Pant
24. Which disease is caused due to excess arsenic in water
a) Alzheimer’s Disease    b) Parkinson’s Disease     c) Skin Cancer         d) Indigestion
25. As per state of Forest Report (SFR) 2009 released recently, India’s total area under green cover is
a) 21.05%     b) 21.07%        c) 21.02%        d) 21.03%
26. Recently how much gold did RBI purchase from IMF
a) 100 tonnes     b) 200 tonnes     c) 250 tonnes     d) 300 tonnes
27. In the corruption index released by the Transparency International in Nov 2009, out of 180 countries India ranked
a) 84         b) 86            c) 87           d) 88
28. Rural Road project was started in India in the year
a) 2000          b) 2001           c) 2002         d) 2004
29. The women social worker who was awarded Padmashree recently
a) Vasanthi Devi          b) Sarojini Varathappan           c) Krishnammal Jagannathan      d) Vijayalakshmi
30. The title “Karpoora Sorko” belongs to
a) Bharathi Dasan       b) Bharathiyaar       c) Vani Dasan         d) Suratha
31. The title “Perungaviko” belongs to
a) Mehta         b) Kannadasan       c) Va.Mu.Sethuraman        d) Suradha
32. Present name of Thirukkurugoor
a) Sri Vaikuntham           b) Thirunaaraiyur          c)Alwarthiru Nagari        d) Srivilliputhur
33. Hero of ‘Tamil Vidu Thoothu’
a) Murugan           b) Thirumal       c) Chockanathar          d) Brahman
34. Buddhism was introduced in China in
a) 3rd Century B.C         b) First Century B.C       c) First Century A.D       d) Third Century A.D
35. Which of the following schools of philosophy was the main offshoot of Bhagavatism
a) Sankiya           b) Vaishehika            c) Advaita           d)Vishishtadvaitam
36. The earliest exposition of Saiva System was established by
a) Basava         b) Lakula         c) Bijjala           d) Sankaracharyar
37. Which of the following sects was Bindhusara interested
a) Buddhism          b) Jainism           c) Ajvikas               d) Lokyantas
38. For how long did the Mayuran Dynasty Last
a) 218 years          b) 137 years           c) 85 years           d) 152 years
39. Sultan Mohd. Ghazni led first invasion against India in A.D.
a) 1000         b) 999             c) 1004               d) 1001
40. Who came to India at the instance of Sultan Mohamed
a) Alberuni         b) Sullaiman       c) Al-Masudi         d) Ibn Haqul
41. The Chalukyas of Gujarat was overthrown by
a) Baghelas or Solanks          b) Eastern Chalukyas         c) Gurjars        d) Kachhapaghats
Don’t know the answer for this
42. Main feature of dravida style of temple architecture was
a) Shikara              b) Gopuram            c) Vimana           d) Mandapa
43. The Rajatarangini by Kalhana in Sanskrit verse was written in
a) 6th Century B.C         b) 9th Century A.D.       c) 6th Century A.D.        d) 12th Century A.D
44. Amir Khusrau’s Khazainul-Futah gives information about the reign of
a) GhiyassudinTughlaq      b) Ala-ud-din Khalji     c) Qutbuddin Mubarak sheik Khalji    d) Jalal-ud-din Khalji
45. Iron was used by vedic people in around
a) 1000 B.C            b) 2000 B.C            c) 800 B.C           d) 400 B.C
46. Match the following leaders of 1857 revolt
               Leader                                                             Places
  • a. Begum Hazrat Mahal                                          1. Lucknow
  • b. Kunwar Singh                                                     2. Arrah
  • c. Khan Bhadur Khan                                              3. Rohilkhand
  • d. Maniram Dutta                                                    4. Assam
a) a-1,b-3,c-4,d-2       b) a-1,b-2,c-3,d-4        c) a-2,b-1,c-4,d-2            d) a-2,b-3,c-1,d-4
47. The work Devichandraguptam is related to
a) Samudra Gupta        b) Chandragupta II          c)Wife of chandragupta         c) ChandraGupta I
48. Pathupaatu deals mostly with the history of
a) Pallavas        b) Cholas           c) Cheras         d) Pandyas
49. The title ‘Cholamarthanda’ and ‘Raja Kesari Aromoli’ were assumed by which chola king?
a) Rajendra I       b) Vijayalaya         c) Rajaraja            c) Rajadhirajan
50. India’s earliest contact with Islam came through
a) Arab invasion of Sind in 7th century 
b) Turkish invasions 11th Century
c) Sufi Saints
d) Arab merchants Malabar coast

Download the PDF of this model paper set 2 : acrobat_reader_50x50


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